Page 60 – Act on urges that create new universes

When you meet someone and sense there may be a connection of whatever kind, follow up on that sense – ask to exchange contact information. Then stay in touch. Anytime you have a feeling to form a deeper connection with someone, do something that will possibly lead to that deeper connection. It could be as simple as just messaging ‘hi’, although I’m sure you can do better than that. Whenever you have a desire to learn something new, do it!

2015-1009 2219

Page 59 – Choosing Both means Choosing Classical

You can imagine yourself being somewhere or you can physically go there. In our age of Facebook and messaging, it is tempting to think one can have shared experiences virtually. This is not a time to rely on your parallel self to have all of the classical experiences while you stay in your head. When you find yourself imagining being somewhere else, that is sensing your parallel self who is already there. So take your body there! Whether it is to visit family or friends or take a solo vacation, do it! if for whatever reason you have an urge to be somewhere else, follow that intuition – especially if it is recurring. When you combine an exercise of free will with physical movement of your body, you can surf to more distant parallel universes.

2015-1009 2200 @ SFO (decided to fly to NYC a few hours ago)

Page 58 – Quantum Life is Many Journeys

Last night I stayed at a friend’s place in SF. As I was walking to go eat and write at Tommy’s Joint, I passed the Great American Music Hall. The Human Condition were performing later and they served food there so I decided to trade writing for live music. But I’m just now realizing as I write this, even after I titled this page, that this decision allowed my quantum self to take both paths and allowed my classical self to experience the one most connected to my five senses. My quantum self experienced the thinking and writing at Tommy’s Joint while my classical self heard and danced to live music.

When you have a choice between an experience with your classical senses or one with only mental thinking, choose both!

2015-1008 2000 @ The Great American Music Hall SF, 2015-1009 0800 @ Eulinda’s Coach (She’s driving with her new curly hair)

Page 57 – Life in the Multiverse

For my birthday I “planned” an unplanned day guided by the intention to not do anything that I wouldn’t enjoy repeating every day for the rest of my life. My experience was different than my intention, but close to it. I’m certain that my quantum self did manage to meet this intention in a good number of universes.

Set intentions and exercise your free will to meet these intentions. Decide what you want to classically experience an align your choices with those experiences. When you stray from your intentions, quantum sense your parallel self who didn’t stray. Notice how you feel. Gain joy and happiness not only from your classical experiences, but from your quantum experiences as well. Make choices to increase the probability that you experience futures you desire.

2015-1005 Austin

Page 56 – Death in the Multiverse

This morning I received a happy birthday message from Carmel. Along with the birthday message she also shared that her father had died during the night. When we die in one universe do we die in all universes? No, we don’t. Our classical self dies in the universe it is in. Our quantum self lives on as long as one of your classical selves is still alive. We can quantum sense the death of one of our classical selves. We can also quantum sense the quantum self of those who have died in our universe.

Given that your own birth could have occurred over many decades, it’s possible to quantum sense others decades after their death. This can be most strongly felt with those who die young and have amy parallel universes in which they are still alive.

I just remembered Steve Jobs also dies on this day at age 56.

2015-1005 1005PM PST, Austin

Page 55 – Are there Universes where we are not born?

If there are billions of universes where we are born, are there also universes where we are not born? Yes, but they are far, far away from the ones where you are. Remember, your classical now is connected to your classical pasts and your quantum now is connected to your quantum pasts and in all of theses you exist.

You can’t quantum sense universes in which you were not born. However, others can quantum sense universes in which you were not born. But let’s not think about that. Instead, imagine all of the parallel universes where you were born. Some you were born on one day and some another. So, if you think about it, your quantum self has a birthday everyday!! 🙂

Happy Birthday to your Quantum Self!! 🙂

2015-1005 @ Opa’s

Page 54 – Birth in a Multiverse

Fifty years ago today I was born in a small town in Texas. About nine months before that I was conceived. The genetic makeup of my physical body that I know as my own was determined by one in over 100 million of my father’s sperm cells in the ejaculation that led to my birth. So my conception occurred in at least 100 million parallel universes, all with the possibility that I will be born about nine months later. Notice how synchronized all of these universes are in both time and space. All of the cells in my body divided and subdivided from a single egg cell of my mother – one on over a million – that was available to be fertilized for one day of my mother’s 30 day menstrual cycle. However you calculate the odds, an individual’s concept is a rare event that creates many universes.

2015-1005 1915 @ Opa’s Austin