20200321S Day 81: Three to the Fourth Power is Eighty-One


I ran for the first time in a while. I’m trying to get back to one of the universes where I can run a few miles and do over 50 pushups. One of the things different about the set of universes I’m in is that I don’t own an Apple watch. Because of that, I don’t seem to run either. Today, I took my phone and listed to a doctor on the front-lines. I ran less than a mile but got some sun. As I was walking back and checking my twitter, I read a tweet about getting off social media and getting some sun. I then looked up and saw this heart shining through the trees. The Universe is amazing and amusing.

I believe that the current attention the world is putting onto the smallest, oldest, and most alien life forces on the planet has the potential to result in the whole of world society surfing to a different reality. As if we were going to get on a spaceship to Earth2, it’s time for everyone to start thinking about what we want to take to this new reality and what we want to leave behind. Imagine we are starting over on a new planet. Imagine that society can be created in any way we wish. Imagine that our higher selves will guide us and that together we will be successful in creating whatever it is we determine is best to create. Imagine that we embrace the changes and we have the skills to optimize as we move toward a common and achievable reality.

It is now a time for magic to be used in addition to science. Science is sometimes compared with magic (Clarke’s Third Law), so I’m not suggesting that now is not a time for science. What I believe is that we needed a more “sufficiently advanced technology” than we have now, and since from our technological standpoint that will look like “magic”, then we need “magic” now – not when science catches up and calls it science.

So for all those practicers of magic, the world needs your magic to enable us to move to another set of universes where we live in harmony with the Earth and are not fearful of pandemics.

Humans are plentiful on the Earth because of exponential growth. Coronaviruses are also plentiful on the Earth because of exponential growth. In many universes, SARS_CoV_2 is the fifth and most deadly coronavirus that is endemic in the world population. It took almost 4 billion years for SARS_CoV_2 to infect a single human. Since then, we have had the following exponential growth of confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • 14 days to go from 1 to 10 cases by Dec 26, 2019
  • 14 days to go from 10 to 100 cases by Jan 9, 2020
  • 14 days to go from 100 to 1000 cases by Jan 23, 2020
  • 7 days to go from 1000 to 10000 cases by Jan 30, 2020
  • 35 days to go from 10000 to 100000 cases by Mar 5, 2020, as the coronavirus epidemic subsided in China and moved to the rest of the world
  • 14 days to go from 100k to 250k cases by Mar 19, 2020

In 2-3 more weeks, the math of exponential growth shows that there will be over 1 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 if it continues at the same growth as the last few weeks. And if we continue at this 10x/month rate for another month or two, the number of cases go to 10M after 1 month and 100M after 2 months. This is not to be alarmist – it is just math.

Math is a foundation science that exists whether we exist or not. Math exists whether the universe exists or not. Physics requires a Universe with universal constants like the one we have. Math requires nothing. Math is true any any and all universes. It may be possible to surf to a universe with different physics, but it’s beyond my insight to understand how one would surf to a universe with different math.

Thankfully, we can use math to help us with the COVID-19 pandemic. The social distancing going on now will reduce the spread from person to person and increase the case doubling time. If we can reduce the number of cases sufficiently, we can begin contact tracing again. If we can increase the ability to test for COVID-19, we can use this surveillance ability to keep the disease in check.

20200320F Day 80: First 80 Days of Surfing into a Pandemic

I took this photo yesterday at sunrise near Lighthouse Point in Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz, CA: The entire state of California is now on lockdown by order of the Governor Newsom. California is the most populous US state with over 40 million residents. At the time of the lockdown order, there were 19 confirmed deaths out of 910 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in California. This compares with at least 5300 confirmed cases in New York and almost 1400 confirmed cases in Washington.

Santa Cruz County and other counties around the Bay Area have been under similar “Shelter in Place” orders for the last two days. The “lockdown” orders appear to be the same. All non-essential businesses are shutdown and social distancing is required when people are out in public.

Local BBQ Place under Lockdown – Take out only, except for beer

How did we get here? It seems like a good time for a review and also a good time to start thinking about how we are going to get back to a universe without all of this social distancing and scary coronaviruses.

Eighty days ago I wrote (2020 Day 1: Seeing is Believing – Good Morning New Universe!):

I awoke this morning in a new universe – a new reality – a different dimension of reality – a parallel world. As I type this, I feel myself moving through these different dimensions – I feel the influence of the different dimensions in my body, in my mind, and in my soul.

I described my experiences of being in this new universe and what it felt like in my body,  mind, and spirit. I ended my blog post with:

It’s 1005 and I now feel complete with this share of my experience now having arrived in what feels like a “far away” reality.  I’m curious if I have developed my universe surfing skills sufficiently to stay here for a while and explore or if this has been only a short trip.

My curiosity was around if I would just write one blog post and then go back to my previous set of universes where I wasn’t blogging. I was also curious to explore what was true in this new set of universes I felt myself in.

On the second day, I could feel the prior universes trying to pull me back. My notebook battery didn’t make the leap to the new universes and wasn’t holding a charge. I felt a wormhole closing behind me as I wrote: 2020 Day 2: Feeling a Short Trip and Closing the Wormhole Behind Me.

In 2020 Day 3: In the Wormhole of Consumption and Creation I talked about how I wanted to move from universes where I was spending my time consuming content and move to universe where I was spending my time creating content. I also started talking about stocks because I wanted to eliminate my habit of checking the stock market multiple times a day. It’s interesting to see the stocks I picked to diversify:

For 2019, I was blessed to have AAPL and AMD as my top two investments. I hedged these growth stocks with some value stocks (IBM, WETF, DS, SFM, and NOK) which also provided a bit of diversification. I sold some AAPL and AMD to rebalance my portfolio for 2020 and plan to now only check my portfolio monthly.

Well, the selling of AAPL and AMD turned out to be a good move, but the diversification of buying the other stocks did not protect me from the recent market crash. Of the pick, Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) is the only one that held up. I should probably think of DS as “dumbshit” and WETF as “WTF was I thinking”. Note to self – always liquidate stock holdings before surfing to a new set of universes!

The key quote from 2020 Day 4: Undone and Time Travel is:

I sometimes experience time as moving backwards – effects occur earlier than their causes.

2020 Day 5: “You are praying for my son, aren’t you?” was a documentation of me sensing a set of universes in which the US was at war in the Middle East.

2020 Day 6: Earth2 (a.k.a. TOI 700 d) Found 100 light-years Away was marking the discovery of a potential Earth2 planet. I enjoy quantum sensing parallel universes that have different origin stories of how life arose on our planet, and in the universe.

2020 Day 7: 88% Charge was just another example of how different sets of universes interfere with one another. It seems that my working battery from the prior set of universes was affecting my bad battery of my new set of universes.

2020 Day 8: Consumption and Creation key quote was:

As I try to restrict my attention to world and financial news, these both start shouting louder for attention.

Wow, how this insight turned out to be an understatement. On the ninth day of me surfing into this new set of universes, I felt my first synchronicity involving the Chinese city of Wuhan. In 2020 Day 9: New Strain of Coronavirus found in Wuhan, China, I blogged about the “novel coronavirus” as it was called then. Almost a year earlier, I had traveled through Wuhan as a random stop-over on the way to Thailand. I was able to walk around outside and take photos such as this one:


and this one:


I remember noticing how cold it was in January and how cloudy the sky was. In my blog post, I wrote:

Today it is being reported that the Wuhan pneumonia outbreak “mystery illness” that has infected 60 people in the last 2 weeks is caused by a new coronavirus.

Had I not been to Wuhan a year earlier, I doubt this story would have caught my eye. I used my universe surfing skills to notice it and blog about it. It was already an unexpected event for me to travel through Wuhan, and then seeing a “mystery illness” unexpectedly show up in Wuhan was very synchronistic for me. It was a marker that I was in a connected flow of universes. As I reread my post, I’m noticing how much I focused on researching coronaviruses at the time. I’m also remembering that I was sick:

I’ve been sick with a respiratory infection for about two weeks.

I didn’t have a fever. It seemed like just a long, mild symptoms cold. But with my partner later getting sick with (supposedly, according to the second test) FluA, maybe I had the flu. Or, maybe the universe surfing was stressful on my body. Or, maybe my parallel self was traveling to Wuhan this month instead of a year ago, and I was feeling symptoms of him(/her, parallel selves can be any or no gender). My best feeling now, is I was infected with one of the 4 coronaviruses endemic in our population which I also wrote about:

Four identified coronaviruses (HCoV-229E, HCoV-NL63, HCoV-OC43, and HCoV-HKU1) are endemic in humans and cause up to 30% of respiratory tract infections worldwide each year.

The next day I found myself in a universe where I was a runner. I hadn’t run in quite a while and never longer than 3-4 miles. I periodically wrote posts about my running progress – basically every time I ran.  I’m no longer in a universe where I’m running, but feel I will return one day.

2020 Day 10: 3 miles in 27:20

2020 Day 16: 3.33 miles in 29:19

2020 Day 19: My longest run 4.67 miles and chair entanglement

2020 Day 23: My longest run 5.47 in 53:33 and Life Coach business plan

On Day 11, I think the synchronistic meeting in Whole Foods I blogged about on Day 5 was in my mind. I felt much closer to a universe in which the world is at War as I wrote: 2020 Day 11: Ukrainian passenger plane was mistakenly shot down.

At this point, I noticed that I was having more difficulty blogging each day. To continue my habit, I would blog something – anything – whatever popped into my mind. Numbers and spirituality/mythology/religion seemed to guide me as I blogged:

2020 Day 12: Twelve is Spiritual

2020 Day 13: Superstition

2020 Day 14: The Fourteen Precepts of Engaged Buddhism

2020 Day 15: XV Le Diable

In another universe in which I didn’t run on the 16th day, I blogged about hexadecimal numbers. Then, the novel coronavirus returned to my notice as Thailand and Japan reported confirmed infections: 2020 Day 17: Wuhan Coronavirus infections in Thailand and Japan. It’s interesting to see what I focused on in this post:

Since then, the Wuhan Coronavirus (it’s slightly interesting that I called it this above as I now see that wikipedia calls it the same – not that unexpected though) has resulted in two deaths in Wuhan, two cases in Thailand, and one case in Japan.

This is interesting because China lobbied who.int to not refer to the novel coronavirus as “Wuhan Coronavirus” and today Trump is only using the name “Chinese coronavirus” to describe officially named SARS_CoV_2, which causes COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019).

I also wrote about diagnostic testing by WHO, which is the test rejected by the US.

WHO has a paper describing diagnostic detection of the Wuhan coronavirus by real-time reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR).

Testing has become a big issue as South Korea has used widespread testing to “flatten the curve” and control the spread of COVID-19 while the US has struggled to get a working test deployed.

I also showed a graph of the phylogenetic tree of SARS_COV_2. It is still unproven from where SARS_COV_2 arose.

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 9.25.54 PM

The last paragraph of this blog post reads a bit prophetic to me now:

This story is still not widely reported, but has made it to The Economist.  I hope to surf to a universe where this is not a big story, but the synchronicities that found me posting this make me worry that the odds are against me.

Day 18 still feels like a random post – not sure what future this is connected to: 2020 Day 18: Ned Snead. In another universe, I blogged about hanging out with a friend and his family.

2020 Day 19: My longest run 4.67 miles and chair entanglement tells a story of me donating my double-recliner to Goodwill and making an analogy to entanglement. I am not a physicist in this universe, so if you are, please correct the analogy where needed.

2020 Day 20: Twenty predictions for 2020 is a set of predictions. The ones most relevant to now are:

19. The Wuhan coronavirus will spread in a similar way as other SARS-like coronaviruses. All cities with direct flights to Wuhan will be infected.

10. April will be a tough month for the stock market, which will end 2020 roughly even after a rollercoaster of a year.

2020 Day 21: Surfing Universes – Life Coach – 60 Needs that Healers Have is a value-heavy post that I plan to flush out more as the year goes on. I began this flush out with a few more posts:

  1. 2020 Day 24: Identifying your desired target market
  2. 2020 Day 23: My longest run 5.47 in 53:33 and Life Coach business plan is another value-heavy post that has a sample business plan useful for healers and others starting a solo career.
  3. 2020 Day 26: Helping Healers identify products and services to offer
  4. 2020 Day 28: Helping Healers determine what to charge for their offerings
  5. 2020 Day 30: Needs that Healers Have – Determining Market Value
  6. 2020 Day TBD: Needs that Healers Have – Marketing to their future customers

I also made some posts on habits:

  1. 2020 Day 22: Habits in the Multiverse is about my understanding of habits using a multiverse model of reality.
  2. 2020 Day 29: Create a habit in 29 and a half days hypothesizes that the moon cycle may be useful for making new habits or breaking old ones.
  3. 20200208S Day 39: Using Full Moon Nights to Wormhole to Far Away Universes

2020 Day 25: Wuhan Coronavirus in the Year of the Rat returns to COVID-19. I discussed quantum sensing as it relates to the soon to be official pandemic:

Quantum sensing can also appear as a déjà vu feeling. Laurie Garrett, a reporter for CNN, reported yesterday that when she read reports of patients exhibiting symptoms of pneumonia as early as December 12, 2019, she had a “chilling sense of déjà vu”. Seventeen years ago she reported on the SARS virus pandemic that caused illness in at least 8000 people across 37 countries and was associated with at least 774 deaths, including 299 in Hong Kong.

I also wrote this interesting sentence:

I’m now beginning to wonder if these two blog posts will be understood more clearly through a universe surfing viewpoint that does not require time to move in only one direction, and instead allows for anyone to quantum feel possible futures.

2020 Day 27: SP500 has largest single-day drop since Oct 2, 2019 reported the financial news of the day.

I then wrote a story about my experiences feeling, and also my brother feeling, multiple universes as my brother’s washing machine breaks and get replaced with a new one.

  1. 2020 Day 31: Delivering a washing machine through the multiverse 
  2. 2020 Day 31 Addendum 1: The washer looks damaged
  3. 2020 Day 32: The 32 Paths of Wisdom – finishing the story of the washing machine and teasing a story about wisdom yet to be written

20200202 Day 33: First Palindrome Date since 11/11/1111 notes a date for millennials to celebrate. That it’s the 33rd date of the year and this is also a palindrome strikes me as such a rare numerical event. An “exercise for the reader” is to determine if the palindromic qualities of this 33rd day of  Gregorian calendar will ever be seen again.

I then pivoted from palindromes to Coronaviruses and discussed palindromic RNA sequences. This lead me somehow to looking at finding a phylogenetic tree of SARS_COV_2  which included a Bat SARS-like coronavirus WIV1 (ID: KF367457.1) that I had happened to find through my own BLAST searching. I documented this unexpected event to see if it had any links to the future:

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 6.31.08 AM

I made some more posts about politics and the democratic political race:

  1. 20200203 Day 34: Iowa Democratic Caucus Results in Parallel Universes
  2. 20200205W Day 36: Senate Acquits Trump as Romney votes from a parallel reality
  3. 20200219W Day 50: Quantum Analysis of Debate Shows Bernie Likely to Win Most Pledged Delegates
  4. 20200221F Day 52: Insurance for All Plan with Social Security Savings
  5. 20200222S Day 53: Bernie wins Nevada Caucuses

In 20200204 Day 35: Feb 28 Cases Peak 145,000 and Deaths Peak 2,000, using China’s reported numbers for cases and deaths, I made this prediction for China’s total cases by the end of February:

Assuming no outbreaks in other countries, using the official numbers reported to date by China, and hoping for the best, the number of worldwide reported cases peak at 145,000 and number of deaths peak at 2,000.

20200206h Day 37: NPR Interview with David Quammen Notes Mapped to the Multiverse documented a very interesting interview for the future.

20200207F Day 38: Wuhan Central Hospital Doctor Li Wenliang is 638th Confirmed Death from 2019 Novel Coronavirus was to make sure I was surrounded by universes where Dr Li Wenliang was known and honored for the ultimate sacrifice he paid while trying to protect the world from a new and deadly pathogen. The health care workers on the front lines deserve more support and appreciation.

20200209u Day 40: Conspiracy Theories in Multiple Realities is about how universe surfing and quantum sensing can lead one to sound like a conspiracy nut. If you sound like a nut, you’re doing it right. Just know that you sound like a nut and you’ll be ok. The final quote I made in this post deserves to be repeated because it is linked to the future:

At this point, the origin of 2019-nCoV is still in a superposition of states (wild and man-made), at least for most of the people on the planet.

Then cruise ships made the news for all the wrong reasons and China changes the way it counts COVID-19 cases for a few days.

  1. 20200210M Day 41: Voyage of the Diamond Princess through the Multiverse
  2. 20200212W Day 43: Universes Colliding as Coronavirus Daily Cases Increase 10x
  3. 20200213h Day 44: COVID-19 spreads asymptomatically
  4. 20200216u Day 47: Diamond Princess Experiment will End Soon
  5. 20200218T Day 49: Kentaro Iwata leads Infectious Disease Control on Diamond Princess in Another Universe

and I imagined myself surfing to different universes where I either analyzed viral genomes or worked for Google:

  1. 20200211T Day 42: Surfing to a Universe where I analyze viral genomes
  2. 20200223u Day 54: Surfing to a Universe where I work for Alphabet

All of my focus on infectious diseases seems to have brought an infectious disease into my home:

  1. 20200214F Day 45: Near Universe where 2019 Novel Coronavirus is in Austin – while COVID-19 is not officially in Austin yet, signs have been posted expecting it soon.
  2. 20200217M Day 48: 3rd and 4th days of Influenza A in Austin

20200215S Day 46: Traditions in the Multiverse is a short note on the role of traditions in universe surfing.

20200220h Day 51: Aliens are Among Us and Within Us is a story of origin in a timeless multiverse.

20200224M Day 55: Alphabet down 4.28% – I guess news travels fast 😉 is the last daily blog post I made in this universe of day 55.

20200229S Days 56-60: Arriving in what feels like a different universe is my list of things I notice different in the universe.

20200317T Days 61-77: Definitely in a New Universe Now! is continuing to feel into the changes in the universe. I am now using twitter and consuming news much more instead of creating. I fell down a wormhole of COVID-19 pandemic and into a set of universes that feel very foreign to me.

20200318W Day 78: It’s a New Universe! is me feeling a desire to leave this set of universes I have found myself in and travel back to one in which there is no pandemic and everyone isn’t worried about the loss in value of their 401k or how they are going to pay their rent.

20200319h Day 79: Number of new cases in China equals $IRX 13-week T-Bill Interest rate equals Zero is synchronistic to me because zero is a singularity and good place to go through on your way to somewhere completely different. So, I’m optimistic I can use this – and the world can use this – as a pivot point. I’ll see you in a new a better universe!!










20200319h Day 79: Number of new cases in China equals $IRX 13-week T-Bill Interest rate equals Zero


China announced that it had no new cases (excluding imported cases) of COVID-19 yesterday and the 13-week US Treasury Bill index (IRX) interest rate fell to 98.18% to 0.003%, within rounding of zero percent interest. The 5-year and longer treasure yields all rose as the US dollar and liquidity are now precious assets. March 18th was another volatile day for stocks. AAPL hit a low of $237.12, only a few dollars above the then all-time high of $233.47 that I blogged about in 2018: AAPL Stock Prediction for Oct 3, 2019. More interesting, the NASDAQ closed at 6989.84, below the 7560 prediction I felt “more than 50%” confident about in Aug 2018: NASDAQ Composite Index prediction for March 9, 2019. It’s interesting that I made that prediction for 2019 and it is now true in 2020. The NASDAQ actually fell below 7560 almost a week ago on March 12, 2020. Oh wow, I’m going back to look at 2019 and the NASDAQ on March 12, 2020 closed at 7591.03 and was 7505.92 the week before. So, very close to 7560 on March 9, 2019. Interesting! What I wrote back in August 2018 seems quite synchronistic to me now:

I’m feeling a universe where it is possible for me to sense large changes in the financial markets before they happen.  In this universe, I’m sensing a large change in the negative direction occurring either between October 5th and October 19th, on November 9th, or between December 26th and January 19th, 2019.  Based on this, I sense that there is a greater than 50% chance that on March 9, 2019, the NASDAQ Comp will be lower than 7,560, the value it was on March 9, 2018.

I’m more curious about why I feel compelled to make this prediction.  Only the future knows.

“Feeling” the direction of the market is risky business. If you were to ask me to feel the market now, I would likely stay with safe bets all based around the belief that a year from now, the US dollar will be of relatively lower value compared to other fiat currencies and precious metals. Partly because of this, and partly because the stock market has taken a beating due to the coronavirus pandemic, the NASDAQ, SP500, and most publicly traded stocks will be of higher value, priced in dollars, than they are now.

20200318W Day 78: It’s a New Universe!


Santa Cruz, CA: I did something this morning that I haven’t done in a while – I got up early to watch the sunrise. I drove to the lighthouse where I first learned to universe surf six years ago. Even though seven million people are sheltering in place around me, you wouldn’t know it by walking along West Cliff right now. It feels very much like the old universe I still remember where people are doing their same daily tasks and getting ready for the day. I see a couple with a baby in a stroller. The church bells are ringing. The surf is crashing against the shore. Runners are getting in their morning run before they go over the hill to work – except they most likely won’t be going to work today.

I’m amused at how the Universe is such a trickster. Yesterday, I went to top off my car with gas. The cash price was cheaper, and so I asked my partner if she had cash. She gave me $12.25 for a $12.04 bill. I asked her if she had a nickel. She looked and looked in her purse and didn’t have any more change – only the quarter. So I went to the cash register with the feeling of wanting to hold on to the quarter. When I offered the $12, the attendant said that was good as he reached his hand into an empty penny-saver tray and pulled out 4 imaginary pennies. I kept the quarter in my hand and returned to my car. There were a few used disinfecting wipes to throw away, so I grabbed those and put those in the garbage. I noticed I was about to throw my quarter away! As I pulled it out, I noticed it was now a nickel!! I showed it to my partner and asked “Did you give me a quarter or a nickel?”.

“I gave you a quarter”, she replied as she quickly took the nickel and threw it back into her purse after noticing it was a nickel.

“Wait, let me see that again”, I requested. She dug threw her purse and finally found the coin. It was now a quarter again – although it looked like a different quarter to me with lots of crumbs on it.

I meant to go through her purse when we returned home, but forgot. I actually don’t have an explanation for what happened. My only clue is when I returned home, I felt in my pocket and pulled out a quarter. It was like the Universe knew it had flubbed up and needed to give me a reason to be able to rationalize what had happened.

The synchronistic part of this story is how a day earlier I was telling my new housemates about my grandfather’s experience during the Great Depression. My grandfather told me that when he lost a nickel, he would get physically sick because money was that precious. I wonder if the Universe was letting me feel that yesterday – which I definitely did.

We now live in a world that operates on a currency that is no longer backed by gold. Dollars are not worth an ounce of Silver anymore. They are only worth another paper dollar. And, if toilet paper continues to be in short supply, you may not even be able to get paper dollars soon – only digital.

20200317T Days 61-77: Definitely in a New Universe Now!


Santa Cruz, CA: I walked along West Cliff earlier today, on this first day of the county’s Shelter In Place order. Exercise is allowed, provided that people maintain a six foot distance between each other unless they are from the same shelter home. I also went to Home Depot to buy some tools in order to renovate my RV. This feels like a universe where I’m preparing for an apocalypse. When I started this experiment in universe surfing 77 days ago, I remember being curious and excited. The excitement has turned into frustration and the curiosity has increased. I’m frustrated at my apparent lack of control. The last 16 days have felt increasingly volatile – as if multiple sets of universes are combining together. My curiosity is increased because this universe feels so different. I’m also curious if it’s possible for me to feel more in control. Can I surf back to the universe I was in 77 days ago? If I do, it will almost certainly be different because the timeline of my surfing experiment must somehow fit into that universe.

Before I try to surf back, I want to document this universe find myself in. Some things I notice different are:

  1. Instead of blogging daily, I’ve been tweeting daily;
  2. The US Congress is able to write and pass bills with bipartisan support;
  3. The retirement savings of most Americans is significantly (up to 33% or so) less, measured in dollar terms. Oil is also significantly cheaper;
  4. A growing percent of the world’s population is under some form of quarantine or shelter in place;
  5. Stores have run out of certain items and people have gotten into fights over toilet paper;
  6. Fewer people are working and more countries are planning to distribute money directly to their citizens;
  7. Countries are beginning to close their borders to foreigners; and
  8. “Social Distancing” and “Coronavirus” are now in the general vocabulary.



20200229S Days 56-60: Arriving in what feels like a different universe

Crestone, CO: I’m at the Elephant Cloud Tea Shop in Crestone, Colorado – elevation 8000 feet. There’s a band on stage with a drummer, clarinet player, and piano player.  I feel like I have surfed to a different universe because this universe I’m experiencing feels much different than the one I was in five days ago. Some of the differences I notice are:

  1. The global stock market is not at such an inflated value;
  2. COVID-19 has verified community spread in the United States;
  3. The US now has a coronavirus czar, VP Pence;
  4. China is no longer a country with increasing confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths;
  5. I’m now in a different state, at a much higher elevation, and there is snow on the ground;
  6. A friend of mine is now living in my home – my home is now on the road;
  7. I don’t seem to blog daily in this universe – or maybe the surfing to get here disrupted that;
  8. My diet is more vegan – just drank hot chocolate with hemp milk;
  9. I don’t run any more;
  10. The who.int COVID-19 risk assessment is now VERY HIGH for Regional and Global Levels with over 16 countries having confirmed local transmission;
  11. COVID-19 response is now being politicized in the US;
  12. There are more new confirmed COVID-19 cases outside of China than inside of China;
  13. Coronavirus is now a topic of conversation in the US at the family dinner table and the local coffee shop, including the one I’m in now;
  14. The COVID-19 CFR is now closer to 4% than 2%;
  15. Medical experts in the US government must now get clearance from the executive branch (VP Pence) before discussing the COVID-19 pandemic;
  16. US President Trump holds white house press conferences much more often;
  17. The first death from COVID-19 has been confirmed in the US;
  18. Afghanistan’s Taliban and the US are no longer at war;
  19. Pope Francis has cancelled the last 3 days of events due to cold-like symptoms;
  20. All 16 COVID-19 patients in Vietnam have been discharged from the hospital and declared cured;
  21. The Shincheonji Church of Jesus, founded in 1984 by pastor Lee Man-hee and with  an estimated 240,000 followers worldwide, has been associated with the COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea;
  22. scmp.com is reporting that The Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) in Hong Kong is associated with the Shincheonji Church of Jesus and it seems that this religious institution is being linked, with questionable evidence, with the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan;
  23. South Korea is able to test 10000 people per day for COVID-19 while the US can seem to test only 1% of that number;
  24. Thousands of migrants are now allowed to leave Turkey for the EU;
  25. There are long lines outside of COSTCO – panic in the US is taking hold;
  26. Iran’s former envoy to the Vatican, Sayyed Hadi Khosroshahi, has died of COVID-19; and
  27. Travelers from South Korea and Italy into the US will be medically screened before boarding.


20200224M Day 55: Alphabet down 4.28% – I guess news travels fast ;)

Yesterday, I blogged that I was 20200223u Day 54: Surfing to a Universe where I work for Alphabet. Today, Alphabet stock is down 4.28% on my surfing move (Ha!).

Of course the financial news didn’t pick up on my surfing move and they blamed the drop of Alphabet on a 125nm diameter coronavirus. I mentioned a risking to stocks 30 days ago in 2020 Day 25: Wuhan Coronavirus in the Year of the Rat:

I’m feeling now a universe where the stock market is negatively affected by the Wuhan coronavirus.

The feeling I remember having then was more negative than the drop in prices today. which was the worst day in two years. I’m currently invested in a superposition of two universes – one where I’m fully invested in the market and one where I’m fully out of the market.