Losing keys across universes

2017-03-05Su-0600-Home Yesterday morning, I dumped a clothes hamper filled with matched and unmatched socks onto my freshly made bed. It had been a week since I had lost my keys.  I had already looked for them multiple times in all the places where they might have gotten lost and was not down to looking any place […]

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Cosmic and Quantum Twins

In the BBC video “Why there could be many identical copies of you“, Melissa Hogenboom interviews physicists and scientist to understand how (nearly) identical copies of ourselves can exists both far away (googolplex meters) in the cosmos and in parallel quantum dimensions. One of the questions that comes up is whether quantum twins have one mind connecting […]

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Page 63 – Summary (continued)

You know when someone exits your life in one universe, that there are other universes where they have not. You can sense this and be affected, good and bad, by your continued connection with them in parallel universes. You can imagine your possible futures as photographs on a wall and make choices that fill the […]

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Page 62 – Summary

You know now that the universe you classically experience is but a tiny slice of the multiverse – an interconnected set of parallel universes in which your quantum self exists. You are aware now that your quantum self can be sensed by your classical self and that the feelings you have are a mixture of […]

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Page 61 – Sunset

I am sensing that this book is complete … at least in this universe. My goal was to write down everything I had discovered about parallel universes up to this point in my life and I have now done that. I’m sure I will learn more … and there’s a good chance I have left […]

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