Obamacare survives attempts to repeal and replace 


If you are reading this in a universe where Obamacare is still the law of the land in the USA, then our universes are not far apart and we are both surrounded by similar universes in that respect. Of course there are also universes nearby where Obamacare has been repealed and replaced. While those are in the minority, they are still there.

We actually can’t know for certain the ratio of universes with Obamacare to those without. We can feel both sets of universes though. We can tell by Trump’s tweets that both are near.

Which universe do you prefer? If you want to be an expert universe surfer, you need to exercise your free will to make choices that raise the probability of you being in a universe that you desire – in a universe that has as a high probability of having the characteristics you desire and a low probability of having the characteristics you don’t desire. 
What do you desire? In this moment, what do you desire? In the next moment it may change – it will change. Our hopes, our dreams, our needs, our wants, our preferences – these all change. If you are tuned into your quantum self, you can feel the diversity of your quantum self’s hopes, dreams, and desires. Before tuning into your quantum self, understand your classical self – the one experiencing the classical universe you are in at the moment. It is going to be similar to the majority of the classical universes around you, so it’s a good one to start with. 
Educate yourself about Obamacare. What problems did it solve? What problems still remain? How can the remaining problems be solved without bringing back the problems already solved? How can new problems be avoided? If you want to live in a universe where health care benefits you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and everyone else, then your probability of living in that universe is increased if you educate yourself and know the characteristics of the health care system that will be most beneficial.
The sun is rising now as I sit under a cloudy sky. I can’t see the sun, but I know it is there. The clouds will clear. The light will shine brightly and bring warmth to everyone. It’s a good day.

Happy Surfing!

Losing keys across universes


Yesterday morning, I dumped a clothes hamper filled with matched and unmatched socks onto my freshly made bed. It had been a week since I had lost my keys.  I had already looked for them multiple times in all the places where they might have gotten lost and was not down to looking any place at all that keys could fit, regardless of whether or not I could imagine a way they could have made it into that hiding place.

I suspected my keys were in my home somewhere because my Aunt, who lives next door, had brought them to me along with a book and pen that I had left at her condo.  We had a family gathering and afterwards, she saw my keys and notebook and wondered if they belonged to my brother.  She brought them over to me Friday night and asked if they belonged to me.  I said yes, thanked her, and placed everything on my coffee table. When I woke up Saturday morning, my keys were missing.  I texted my Aunt to ask her if she had seen them.  That is when she told me for the first time that she brought them over the night before.  I asked her if she was sure she brought keys over, because I only remembered her bringing over my notebook and pen. She said she was, and she gave me more details to her story – where I had left my keys and what they looked like – that led me to believe she had found my keys and brought them to me Friday night. Since I hadn’t gone anywhere from Friday night until Saturday morning, then the keys should still be in my home somewhere.  And so every day over the next week I looked for my keys. I texted my son to see if he had accidentally taken them – no luck there. About mid week, I asked my Aunt if I could come check her place again.  As I looked with no luck, my Aunt again told me how she had brought them to me Friday night.  While I believe that she thought she brought them to me, I also knew I couldn’t verify her story in my own mind. I could neither confirm nor deny that she brought me the keys Friday night. In my mind she both did and didn’t, and I couldn’t say which it was. I was 100% certain she brought me the notepad and pen, but didn’t remember whether the keys being with them and didn’t remember the keys not being with them.

After matching up my socks, I had no more places to look. I started doing my taxes – feeling a need to get at least one thing done.  I texted my Aunt and asked to borrow her printer. Secretly though, I wanted to go back over to her place and look for my keys some more. Now that I had looked everywhere in my home, and had ruled out my son accidentally taking them, her home was now the most likely place they could be. Actually, given her insistence that she brought them to me, the most likely place they could be was thrown out with the trash, but I wasn’t at the point of digging through the dumpster yet. I went over and printed out my tax forms. We talked a bit and as I was sitting in the same chair I had been sitting in a week ago, the one I had searched once before a few days earlier, I felt the urge to reach down under the cushion.  I had felt up my own chairs so much over the last week, that it was now a natural instinct for me to reach into every crevice of any coach or chair I sat in. Immediately, I found my keys!

My Aunt’s first thought was that I was playing a trick on her – that I had previously found my keys that morning and had planted the keys in the chair.  When I denied that, she begin to get a bit distressed. She was 100% certain about her memories and yet her memories seemed inconsistent with a single classical universe. Her and I had discussed universe surfing often, and she understood universe surfing from a theoretical viewpoint, but she couldn’t resolve in her mind how the keys had made it back into her condo and had even been hidden underneath her chair cushion.  Now while according to quantum theory, it is theoretically possible that she could have brought the keys over to my condo and then they had quantum tunneled back to her condo, the odds of this are extremely unlikely. So, we pondered classical universes that would explain the sequence of events. The most likely scenario we came up with was that she brought me the keys Friday night and then I came back over Friday night, sat in the chair, and my keys fell out of my pocket. The only problem with that scenario was that neither one of us remembered me coming back over. So either we both forgot, or I didn’t come over.

I wasn’t bothered by the lack of proven classical explanation.  According to universe surfing theory, there are multiple ways that the keys could have ended up being found where I found them.  In one universe, she only finds my book and pen. In another universe, she finds the keys and places them on the chair with the book and pen, then they keys fall off and she only brings over the notebook and pen. In a third universe, she brings them over and I go back that night and they fall out of my pocket as I sit in her chair. In a fourth universe, I find them at my place and go over and hide them in her chair and pretend that I found them there. There are many others. I don’t view any of these classical universes as existing more strongly than any other. They all have their own probabilities attached to them. My mind will select a sequence of classical events to believe. That is how my mind has been trained. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the classical story that my mind creates is the full story of what happened.


Cosmic and Quantum Twins

In the BBC video “Why there could be many identical copies of you“, Melissa Hogenboom interviews physicists and scientist to understand how (nearly) identical copies of ourselves can exists both far away (googolplex meters) in the cosmos and in parallel quantum dimensions.

One of the questions that comes up is whether quantum twins have one mind connecting our parallel selves or each of our parallel selves has it’s own mind.  The possibility of merging parallel universes back together by forgetting things is discussed.  My experience and intuition leads me to believe that we have a classical mind that exists in one classical universe and we have a quantum mind that exists in the quantum universe, where the quantum universe contains an infinite number of classical universes.

Because reality is a quantum universe and not a single classical universe, then the question of whether we have a cosmic twin in the classical universe is not that interesting. To consider us as a classical being in one classical universe ignores all of the other classical universes in which our energy exists.  So, while classical probability theory predicts that somewhere in our classical universe we have a cosmic twin, this cosmic twin is only an infinitesimal sliver of our full quantum self. When you consider our full quantum self, then there is only one – the one which you experience. You can both classically experience yourself and quantum experience yourself.  When you quantum experience yourself, you are experiencing your parallel selves in other classical universes.Page 63 happy surfing

Page 63 – Summary (continued)

You know when someone exits your life in one universe, that there are other universes where they have not. You can sense this and be affected, good and bad, by your continued connection with them in parallel universes.

You can imagine your possible futures as photographs on a wall and make choices that fill the wall with possible futures you desire.

You know to not stress about which specific futures you will experience.

You fully enjoy your classical now.

Happy Surfing! 🙂

2015-1117 1730 @ West Cliff, Santa Cruz

Page 63.jpgPage 63 happy surfing.jpg

Page 62 – Summary

You know now that the universe you classically experience is but a tiny slice of the multiverse – an interconnected set of parallel universes in which your quantum self exists.

You are aware now that your quantum self can be sensed by your classical self and that the feelings you have are a mixture of the feelings your quantum self is having in your nearby parallel universes.

You know that free will can be used to classically experience different parallel universe.

You have an appreciation for unexpected events and their strong connectedness to the future.

You understand that when you are wondering if you should do something or if you can do something, that you already have in a parallel universe.

2015-1117 1711 sunset @ West Cliff Beach, Santa Cruz

Page 61 – Sunset

I am sensing that this book is complete … at least in this universe. My goal was to write down everything I had discovered about parallel universes up to this point in my life and I have now done that. I’m sure I will learn more … and there’s a good chance I have left something out … but I feel that if you have made it to this point then you are well equipped to being surfing about your own universe.

2015-1117 1700 @ West Cliff Beach, Santa Cruz (watching the Sunset)

Page 61.jpg

Page 61 Sunset.jpg