20200523S Day 144: BC and AC, Before and After Coronavirus

Sign at Capitola Village Beach – May 23, 2020.

One benefit I gain from having a small number of followers and viewers of my blog is that the odds are large that major news sources are not getting their story ideas from me. If I read something randomly in the news that I feel generates an event in my past, it’s synchronistic.

As an example, I just read a CNN article discussing how the recent WHO vote around China shows that geopolitics is changing post pandemic. What felt synchronistic to me, was the following words from the article starting with “five months into 2020”:

“Five months into 2020 and it already feels like a new era: now there is only BC and AC — before and after coronavirus.” If I imagine that time can go backwards too, and that when we act in the present, it is also affected by our potential futures as well as our potential pasts.

Then I can understand how me reading this quote randomly in this moment is one of the possible futures that I felt in my past when I started writing my blog posts with “Day 1”, “Day 2”, etc. And then added “Day 0”, “Day -1”, etc.

The CNN news article that I started reading this morning was this one: https://cnn.com/2020/05/23/world/pandemic-world-order-trump-intl/index.html

Oh wow! I’m looking back at my day 0 post, which was the first one I searched for to find a link, and it is also about the WHO! Even feels more synchronistic to me!!


As the link confirms, I started writing Day 0 and Day -1 posts on May 7th, which was 128 days after Dec 31st. 128 is significant to me because of its binary conversion. I remember struggling with whether to call Dec 31st Day 0 or Day -1.

I have had this blog for a while. It stated as mainly a place to post the pages of the first and only book I’ve written: Surfing the Multiverse: Finding Happiness One Universe at a Time by J. Sands Loch

The book is a very lightly edited copy of the original journal entries I wrote as I had my first experience of noticing that the world is not as it appears – that reality can be viewed through a lens of parallel universes and things make more sense.

Writing the book felt partly like writing a personal diary and partly like channeling words from another source of knowledge. I’ve never had such a strong urge to write and have never written with such regularity. After writing it, I told few. But I began using the knowledge.

When I viewed the world through a lens of multiple parallelish worlds all going on simultaneously and interfering with one another, the world as I experienced it made more sense to me and I could understand cause and effect in a timeless manner.

So now, while it is still a bit surprising and somewhat against my scientific method training to believe that my reading of a CNN article today affected my blogging in the past, I suspend my belief in the unidirectionality of time and accept what flows from there.

This allows me to understand why I suddenly started almost daily blogging at the beginning of this year:


And why 9 days later I was blogging about coronavirus infections in Wuhan:


And why 80 days later, I was still blogging on the novel coronavirus pandemic and felt as if I had universe surfed into a pandemic wormhole.


I’m curious how this thread will appear and be read in parallel worlds. When I wrote the first post, I had to correct it because the first time I wrote it, I wrote “odds are small” instead of what I meant to say “odds are large”. Luckily the words have the same number of letters.