Page 55 – Are there Universes where we are not born?

If there are billions of universes where we are born, are there also universes where we are not born? Yes, but they are far, far away from the ones where you are. Remember, your classical now is connected to your classical pasts and your quantum now is connected to your quantum pasts and in all of theses you exist.

You can’t quantum sense universes in which you were not born. However, others can quantum sense universes in which you were not born. But let’s not think about that. Instead, imagine all of the parallel universes where you were born. Some you were born on one day and some another. So, if you think about it, your quantum self has a birthday everyday!! 🙂

Happy Birthday to your Quantum Self!! 🙂

2015-1005 @ Opa’s

Page 54 – Birth in a Multiverse

Fifty years ago today I was born in a small town in Texas. About nine months before that I was conceived. The genetic makeup of my physical body that I know as my own was determined by one in over 100 million of my father’s sperm cells in the ejaculation that led to my birth. So my conception occurred in at least 100 million parallel universes, all with the possibility that I will be born about nine months later. Notice how synchronized all of these universes are in both time and space. All of the cells in my body divided and subdivided from a single egg cell of my mother – one on over a million – that was available to be fertilized for one day of my mother’s 30 day menstrual cycle. However you calculate the odds, an individual’s concept is a rare event that creates many universes.

2015-1005 1915 @ Opa’s Austin

Page 53 – Connect with People

Each time you connect with someone, you become aware of new possible futures. Even if you don’t stay in touch, you can be certain that one of your parallel selves is staying in touch. This connection will continue to have an effect on your even if you choose to remain in the set of universes where you don’t keep in touch. There will always be the possibility that you will reconnect.

When you meet someone for the first time, make it quality time as if you had known them forever – especially if you are feeling that way. Know that it is rare to feel strong connections like this with others, so make a point to exchange contact information so that a future meeting in a least one universe is guaranteed!

2015-0929 2000 @ West Cliff Beach, Santa Cruz

Page 52 – Live Fully in the Moment

To know your quantum self you must first know your classical self. Be aware of all of the classical sensory inputs your body experiences. Whenever you are communicating with someone – in person or otherwise – listen and observe. Pay attention to your own feelings. Trust your feelings. Even if communicating over text, engage yourself fully – say what is on your mind more often than not. Give “permission to speak freely” to those you communicate with and never hold their past words against them.

2015-0929 0800 @ Bus

Engage in conversation with people who come across your path. Take pictures of sunsets, but also experience them without take photos.

2015-0929 2000 @ West Cliff Beach, Santa Cruz

Page 51 – Know your Quantum Self

Think about the choices you have made today and over the last few days that have led to you being at the place you are right now. While your classical self is reading this book, where else is your quantum self? What else is your quantum self doing? Who else is your quantum self with?

As you consider these questions and the different choices you could have made, also consider the probabilities – how likely is it that ou would have made different choices? Did others make choices that affected your plans? Notice the connections.

As water flows down a stream and moves around rocks and through fallen branches and then joins back together, your quantum self also flows – feel the whole stream.

2015-0925F 1500 @ Palo Alto

Page 50 – Traditions synchronize Universes

If you enjoy something, repeat it. If you want it to be part of your experienced life in the future, repeat it more – make it a tradition! Doing so greatly increase the probability of the repeated event being experienced by you in the future.

Almost a year ago, Carmel (who gave me this blank book I’m writing in) and I took a birthday trip to celebrate our October birthdays. Tomorrow we are doing so again. It required some free will energy from both of us to make this trip happen. Next year it likely will as well, but chances are good we will do something similar. Repeating events at regular intervals, more or less, synchronizes the energy of those events and increases their likelihood of being experienced in the future. Beware of feeling the need to keep classically experiencing a tradition. Know the tradition continues in other universes even if you don’t experience it.

2015-0924Th 0800 Bus

Page 49 – Make choices aligned with your desired universes

If you can make a single choice to get to a Universe you want AND you can muster up the free will energy required to make that choice, then do it!

Often there are other factors involved, including the free will choices others may make. Look for opportunities where you can make choices that are aligned with a universe or event that you want to experience. Realize that your quantum self will experience the event even if your classical self does not. Imagine the events that occur and the things that are true in the universe where you classically experience the event. Make choices that align with those events and things that are true. If you want a job in the city which would require you to wear a suit most days, then move to the city and buy a suit if you don’t have one. Eat lunch near the company you want to work at.

2015-0924Th 0727 Bus from Berkeley