20200422W Day 113: No Unnecessary Physical Contact on Aptos Street


Aptos, CA: Social distancing guidelines at Aptos Street BBQ include guidelines that:

EMPLOYEES and CUSTOMERS SHOULD: Not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact

As I surf back to a universe in which I can eat BBQ inside a restaurant, like Black’s BBQ in Austin, Texas, I thought I’d check to see how things were at Aptos Street BBQ. You can no longer drink a beer inside and the selection of beers on tap is reduced. You can buy bottles and cans of beer and purchase BBQ-to-go.

Face coverings are now required in order to enter the restaurant. And no more horsin’ around with “unnecessary physical contact”.

In RV news, the water on the floor of my RV appears to be coming from the AC unit.



20200407T Day 98: Santa Cruz Moonset Sunrise Sunset Moonrise

Santa Cruz, CA: Day 98 was an interesting day. I was blessed to see the moonset, sunrise, sunset, and moonrise along West Cliff. Parking lots are still closed. Announcements have gone out to let people know that the beaches will be closed for Easter in order to discourage visitors.

I had planned to move into a new place but the shelter-in-place has caused a delay in my plans as I negotiate social distancing rules with my current and new community households.

I made it to the dump and got rid of some construction debris from my RV tear down.