2020 Day 19: My longest run 4.67 miles and chair entanglement

My best race in high school was the half-mile and as a freshman, my fastest time was 2:08.  I ran the mile also and my best time was 5:35.  I stopped competing after my freshman year and stopped regular running. I remember waking up early on my 18th birthday, having not run for a long time, and just jumping out of bed and running out the door for as long and far as I could. I’m not sure how long that was, but likely under four miles. I felt like three miles was my limit for races. My fastest 3-mile race was 20:20 and my only 4-mile race was around 35 minutes.

Today was a beautiful day – sunny, windy, and chilly. I thought I’d try to run faster than my last 3 mile run. However, when my first mile came in at 8:20, I began to feel a different universe. I remembered that last run I was able to run longer than 3 miles. It was feeling like today was going to be about extending my distance rather than decreasing my time. I tried a different trail and ran far into the woods so that I knew it would take me at least 4 miles total to get back to where I started. I was definitely running a slower pace. I imagined this was because I was weighted down by the extra clothes I was wearing to keep warm. I checked my 4.33 mi time and it was 13 minutes slower (at 42:18) than my 3.33 mi time last run. My time for 4.67 miles was 44:25 (9.29/mi pace). So by my Apple watch tracking, I ran the last third of a mile in 2:08, the same time as my best half mile. I did have more energy at the end of my run but I find it difficult to believe I ran at a 6:24/mi pace, so I question either the Apple watch or my memory. I do believe though that there is a universe where both my memory and Apple watch were working and I DID run at 6:24/mi pace. So my next challenge will be to return to (or find) a universe where I can run at a 6:24/mi pace for at least one third of a mile.

A couple of days ago I gave away my couch to Goodwill. I also donated my bed frame. I wasn’t completely sure how I was going to fit my couch in my RAV4, but I knew I needed to take it apart. There were a couple of metal bars connecting two recliner chairs. As I measured the width of the chairs at 43″, I realized that my RAV4 was barely too small. There was only about 1′ of 43″ width in the back and I needed 2′ of 43″ width. I pondered putting the couch on the roof of the RAV4. While all of this was going on, I saw a neighbor and asked if he could help me load my couch pieces. When he realized that my RAV4 was too small, he offered his larger SUV. The chair did barely fit into his Honda Passport. We then went down to the women’s shelter and found out they didn’t take furniture. We then went to Goodwill, dropped off the chair, and went back home to get the other chair. When we returned to the Goodwill, the guy at the loading doc told us someone had already come and taken the chair! For some reason, at this point I wondered if this is what entangled particles that are separated feel like. Did the person who took the chair think he was getting a complete chair? I didn’t really pay attention to which chair piece we took to the Goodwill first, but I knew when we took the second chair that the first piece must have been the opposite version. My understanding of entanglement is that for this analogy to be complete, both chairs need to be in a both states at the same time (say Left chair and Right chair) until the true state of the chair is “revealed”. So if Goodwill was in Quantum Land, then the chair we dropped off would be in both states and anyone getting the chair wouldn’t know which state it was in until the state was “revealed” at some future point in time/space. If a second person picked up the second chair we dropped off at Quantum Land Goodwill, then they also wouldn’t know the state of the chair until it was “revealed”. Since the chairs were entangled, then once one chair state was revealed, the other chair state would be known to be the matching state. For the purposes of this analogy, I’m going to say that the state of the chair is revealed whenever someone is sitting in the chair and is successful in reclining it using the lever that is either on the left or right side of the chair. Before revealing, each chair looks like the reclining lever is switching back and forth between the left and right side of the chair in a random way. Once one chair is revealed, the other chair stops switching back and forth instantaneously and the recline lever is seen only on one side of the chair.

Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 7.08.33 PM.png

2020 Day 1: Seeing is Believing – Good Morning New Universe!

I awoke this morning in a new universe – a new reality – a different dimension of reality – a parallel world. As I type this, I feel myself moving through these different dimensions – I feel the influence of the different dimensions in my body, in my mind, and in my soul.  I know from the memories of my experiences, and the feelings I get from imagining and sensing the memories of my experiences in parallel worlds, that reality is more than what I see. I know that much more is possible than what I believe based on only my memories of experiences from a single thread of reality.  I know that the stories I tell myself limit the choices I make. I know that when I open my mind to the possibility of new stories, and when I imagine and sense the stories from the totality of reality as I now experience it, then the number of choices I have seem unlimited.

What sensations do I have when I feel myself moving through different dimensions? In this moment, my body feels more awake than my mind thinks it should be.  It’s 0850 local time and I went to sleep after 0300.  I normally need at least 6 hours of sleep to feel rested.  There is also a slight anxious feeling in my chest and my jaw feels tight.  My throat was sore when I awoke in a way similar to a week ago, but now I notice it feels better.  Over the last week, my body has felt stressed on and off.  The story I’ve told myself is I have a cold or allergies. This fits a single thread of reality.

The affect on my mind of moving through different dimensions is also noticeable to me. My mind feels scattered and focused at the same time.  It’s a similar feeling to when I meditate in that I can focus on my breath (or whatever – I normally focus on the smoke signal like images I see when my eyes are closed) while my mind has random thoughts come and go through it.  What feels a bit different, is that the random thoughts are incomplete – they are not fully formed. I get more of a feeling of the thought rather than the thought itself.  It’s more like a dream state in which the details of the dream can fade quickly upon waking.  I just closed my eyes for a quick meditation to understand this better.  It’s like I’m being led on a guided meditation into the future and into parallel worlds.  I have brief images that pass through my mind and I can feel joy or sorrow – in my case I felt joy.  The joy came when I felt a universe in which I’m writing more, in which I’m describing more about my experiences being in this amazing reality which is so rich and full.  My mind is in problem solving mode now and is trying to figure out how to bring this joy closer – how to make it more likely that I write more.  I realize now that I have strayed a bit from my original intention to describe what it feels like in my mind to travel through different realities.  There is more for me to say about my mind, but my soul wishes to speak.

Language is limiting and is ironically the source of much miscommunication.  My soul is difficult for me to know and describe.  I use the word soul to represent my experience of oneness.  My soul is a seemingly independent entity that is created from and a part of the one universal soul of the universe.  I know my soul to stay with me – to be stable and consistent as I travel through different dimensions of reality. I expect to, and do, recognize my soul when I awake in a new universe. When I say that I feel the influence of different dimensions on my soul, I mean that I feel an increase or decrease in joy.  By joy, I mean a feeling of being on a right path – on a path that the soul finds pleasing.

I feel a need to also mention my spirit.  I could edit my words above to add spirit to the list of “body, mind, and soul”.  I’m deciding not to because I wish to keep these words in a less filtered and more channeled form. Unlike my soul, my experience of my spirit is one of ever changing. My spirit is like a flickering flame with different shapes, colors, sounds, intensities. My spirit is never exactly the same, although it often takes on similar forms. My spirit is the light energy that radiates from the mass energy of my soul.  By connecting with my spirit, I can sense all of the different realities that are surrounding me in multi-dimensional reality space.  I experience each flicker of the flame of my spirit as a different reality.

It’s 1005 and I now feel complete with this share of my experience now having arrived in what feels like a “far away” reality.  I’m curious if I have developed my universe surfing skills sufficiently to stay here for a while and explore or if this has been only a short trip.