20210124u Day 390: Personal Observations

2021-0124u-1200 Austin, TX

I wasn’t planning to write today. Something seems to be bubbling up and I’m not sure what it is. I hope that by writing my thoughts down now, whatever it is will reveal itself.

I just got off the phone with my beloved. We had a somewhat heated discussion about white privilege due to my not accepting my beloved’s belief in the importance that white privilege has played in benefiting me throughout my life. We found common ground in agreeing that racism exists in the world and the world would be better if it did not. We also agreed that many white people have benefited from white privilege. We also agreed that I have also benefited from white privilege. However, we disagreed as to the extent that white privilege played a role. I believe that the vast majority of my personal achievements would have been possible regardless of my race or skin color. I even believe that there’s a chance I may have benefited additionally as a minority due to affirmative action programs in existence during my education and early career. As I type this however, I’m becoming aware of certain times in which I felt “blessed”, or lucky, and I’m wondering now if my luck was due to the color of my skin, or my race, or being male, or some other discriminatory factor. I have to admit that there were times in my life that I have received large benefits and have not really been able to logically explain or understand from where these benefits came. I can accept the possibility that white privilege, male privilege, religious privilege, or some other privilege was a larger factor than I have previously believed.

Before my heated discussion, I watched a few videos – a press briefing from the new white house administration, and a couple videos on financial bubbles forming due to the easy money flowing through the system in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I was pleased to hear Dr. Fauci present a reality that felt in alignment with the reality I believe to be true. I especially liked when he answered a question by saying he didn’t know the answer and that the Biden administration was adopting a policy of only answering questions for which there is a known answer – not making something up on the spot just to have an answer. For the financial videos, I was glad to see Dr. Ron Paul doing well on Kitco news and still promoting liberty, reduced government and sound monetary policy. I’m attracted to him because he does not pledge allegiance to either political party and has a consistent set of beliefs. I don’t agree with all of his beliefs, but at least I can follow his logic when he explains why he holds them. One of the other videos was an interview by Bloomberg news of an individual who seemed to be reading a prepared statement warning Robinhoodlers and Stonks purchasers that one day the FED will not come to their rescue.

Also, today, like every day this year, I had a conversation with my Aunt who is on the board of directors of my condo HOA. At the end of 2020, like a final kick in the ass, our HOA found out that our management company had been stealing our money for the last 5 years and that we were broke with over $30K in debt. I’m now in a universe in which I’m working full-time helping our HOA get back on it’s feet. I hope to use this full-time effort I’m putting forth to tunnel to a universe in which I’m putting in similar effort towards something meaningful AND also getting paid for it.

What are the chances? I just checked to see what was happening on Nov 1, 2016, the day that $25K was moved from the HOA money market to checking. The next day another $25K was moved and then all $50K was moved out of our control to another HOA. This was Election Day 2016! The same time period when most people around the world felt a huge shift from the normal time line to a very unexpected time line. The conclusion of this fraudulent activity ended about the same time that Trump left office. What are the chances? Synchronicity.

20201216W Day 351: Believe in Magic and the Power of Dance


check-in: I made it to Barton Springs yesterday. A man and a woman were, separately, doing yoga on the south lawn. There was one other person on the south lawn and about 30 people on the north side or swimming. I felt blessed to live in a city that has such a wonderful, natural swimming hole. I got a little sun before it turned too chilly as the sun moved lower in the sky and the wind picked up. The woman doing yoga was playing some music and I danced to her music in the sun. As I type this now, I’m feeling a connection between the dancing yesterday in the sun and dancing outside at a campout under the moon. It was at this campout that some magic happened and I have been trying to use magic the last few days to increase the odds of being in a universe in which my beloved and I are together soon. Speaking of magic and dancing …

Where the dancing magic happened!

A few months ago, I was camping with some friends who all enjoy dancing. My DJ friend came up to me an hour before we were planning to dance and asked for my help.

“Can you take a look at my computer?”, he said. “It was working fine and then the screen went black. When I tried to restart it, it got stuck with the spinning rainbow disc.”

“Sure”, I replied with confidence. I then use my phone to search online for ways to fix the computer. There were about four different suggestions and I tried them all once or twice before telling my DJ friend that he should come up with a backup solution because his computer likely had some kind of hardware failure. I continued to try fixing his computer with no luck until it was time for the dance to start.

At the beginning of the dance, my DJ friend told the group the bad news of his computer breaking and how I had tried everything to fix it. I then had a thought and interrupted him.

“Well, there is one thing that I haven’t tried. I haven’t tried Magic! I know a lot of the people here believe in and practice magic. The problem with the computer is it isn’t booting up – it gets stuck. So, if everyone can imagine and focus an intension of the computer booting up fine using your own magical gifts, then we will have tried everything.”

I expected a few seconds of silence. Instead, the group of 8 or so people all intensely practiced some magic for probably a minute. I thanked everyone and the dance begin, with the DJ using his phone. As the music played, I rebooted the computer again and took it out onto the dance floor. I danced with the computer as it rebooted and imagined it rebooting successfully. The progress bar made it to the place where it normally stops and stopped again. I spoke to the computer and gave it some more encouragement. I thought I saw the progress bar move further. I believed the magic was working! I continued to look at the progress bar and saw it moving ever so slightly – almost imperceptibly. Once it made it through the “rough patch”, it continued along until the end and I saw a background picture of the DJ’s family.

“Look! The magic is working!”, I exclaimed to everyone as they cheered and danced. I then took the computer over to the DJ table and left it for a while. The mouse was stuck, but the mac finder was now visible. Slowly, the computer came back to life and by the next song, the DJ was able to switch over from his phone to his computer.

I felt proud of myself for asking the group to perform magic to fix the computer.

As I told this story to others over the next few days, I formed an hypothesis to explain how we were able to use magic to fix the computer. The hypothesis is that magic can only work to do things that, when done, can be explained by means other than magic. For instance, in this case, it could be true that the magic had nothing to do with the computer booting correctly. Instead, perhaps it was overheated and when it cooled down, whatever hardware problem was causing it to stall was no longer present. Or maybe all the various things I tried to fix it just needed “one more reboot”. If there were no non-magical explanation, then the magic would not be able to do anything. Therefore, magic by this definition can never be proven to exists.

So, believe in magic and use it in your life. Just make sure you can visualize how the universe can achieve your magical intention in a non-magical way.

20200515F Day 136: Mountain Biking Down Aptos Fire Road

Looking South to Rio Del Mar Beach, Aptos, CA – May 15, 2020 (Credit: SurfingTheUniverse.com)

20200515F Santa Cruz, CA – Today was a good exercise in feeling into the different universes around me in order to get to the one that I wanted. It was difficult to find the beginning of the biking trail where my brother was waiting. My brother had given me directions that led me and my beloved down a dirt road. Multiple times I felt like I was on the wrong road and wanted to back down the road or turn around whenever there was room. Each time, my beloved said “No, keep going so we can find your brother”, and I would continue. In the moment I continued, I believed I was on the right road but then shortly after I would lose faith again. I also had not really been excited about going mountain biking whereas my beloved was much more excited to go. It’s interesting to look back now and see how our different interest levels allowed us to be surrounded by a different number of universes.

It’s obvious to me now that my beloved was surrounded by more universes in which we did go mountain biking. This allowed her to more accurately feel whether or now we were on the correct road and should continue. She knew also if we turned around, we would be closer to the universe where we didn’t go mountain biking.

I’m glad that we eventually found my brother and family and friends. It was a fun ride down to the beach!

20200514h Day 135: Mask Requirements at The Food Bin – No Bandanas, Scarves, or Valves

Mask Requirements at The Food Bin, Santa Cruz, CA – May 14, 2020 (Credit: SurfingTheUniverse.com)

20200514h Santa Cruz, CA: Today, I went shopping at the local grocery story and found the sign at the entrance interesting. While some stores have been selling bandanas for use as wearing masks, and some people have been using scarves or wrapping their head with their shirt, The Food Bin in Santa Cruz, CA is not supporting these actions. Nor or they supporting masks with valves. Instead, you need to have a mask with two straps, ties, or ear loops. It must cover your face from nose to chin. If you arrive at the store without such a mask, you can purchase one at the Herb Store next door.

For me, this is another example of how universes merge together and how the energetic energy of probabilities ripple out to nearby universes. We have universes around us in which different types of masks are the norm, and universes around us in which no masks are the norm. I expect to see a variety of different normals as I continue to surf towards the exit of this pandemic wormhole. I still expect June 8th of this year to be an exit point. Although, in the current universe I feel other unexpected events are on the horizon and I’m curious what new universes I will see as I exit this pandemic wormhole.

20200513W Day 134: Tandem Surfing

Surfers at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, CA – 20200513W (Credit: SurfingTheUniverse.com)

20200513W Santa Cruz, CA: Today, I went mountain biking down with my beloved and my brother with family. We started at twin gates on Empire Grade and rode down a branching set of trails to the ocean, where I took a pictures of the surfers at Steamer Lane. One pair of surfers riding the same wave reminds me of tandem universe surfing – riding the waves of probability through parallel universes with someone else.

With solo universe surfing, I have found that an understanding of the following concepts  is useful in surfing towards a universe of my choosing.

  1. I do not exist as a classical being in a single classical universe filled with particles of mass moving about in a somewhat predictable manner, but instead I exist as a quantum being in a single quantum universe filled with probability waves moving about in a somewhat predictable manner.
  2. The Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics provides me a good model of the quantum universe.
  3. Synchronicities are valuable signposts that show me some of my possible futures. A sequence of synchronicities informs me that I’m close to a particular universe..
  4. Just as I can move my attention to different parts of my classical body, I can also move my attention to different classical bodies. By moving my attention, I can energetically visit parallel worlds.
  5. By regularly focusing my attention on a parallel world, I can not only sense that parallel world energetically, but I can move the center of my attention to that parallel world so that it appears to me as a different classical world.
  6. Anything not expressively prohibited by the laws of physics is allowed. This principle can be used to filter out non-viable worlds to visit and to select the path by which it is easiest to travel to a parallel world.

With tandem surfing, two people can jointly travel to a parallel world. They both must be practiced solo surfers. They need to communicate and “sync up” to understand the characteristics of the nearby universes around them. They also need to be specific in defining the characteristics of the future universes to which they wish to surf together.

20200502S Day 123: Universe Surfing Hypotheses 1, 2, 3

Surfing Waves at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, CA – April 24th, 2020

Santa Cruz, CA – 20200502S – Universe Surfing 1, 2, 3

As I’m typing this, the beautiful beings in the house I’m living in are getting ready to have an Ecstatic Dance outside. I have a choice now. I can continue typing OR I can stop typing and start dancing. Both universes exist regardless of the choice I make. Neither universe is of lesser value than the other. My quantum self will experience both. My classical self will experiencing dancing now, and writing later. I will return …

Hwy 1 North of Santa Cruz, CA – May 2nd, 2020

I just returned from driving up the highway to try to catch the sunset. It was too cloudy for a nice sunset, but I did get a walk in along the coast. A sign along the highway notified travelers that the beaches were closed from 11am until 5pm due to COVID-19. The beach parking lots along the highway were closed and so people were parking on the side of the road.

I’m now watching the scene in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in which Daisy gets hit by a taxi:

If only one thing had happened differently: if that shoelace hadn’t broken; or that delivery truck had moved moments earlier; or that package had been wrapped and ready, because the girl hadn’t broken up with her boyfriend; or that man had set his alarm and got up five minutes earlier; or that taxi driver hadn’t stopped for a cup of coffee; or that woman had remembered her coat, and got into an earlier cab, Daisy and her friend would’ve crossed the street, and the taxi would’ve driven by. But life being what it is – a series of intersecting lives and incidents, out of anyone’s control – that taxi did not go by, and that driver was momentarily distracted, and that taxi hit Daisy, and her leg was crushed.

And that brings me back to universe surfing. In the scene, reality is described as a “series of intersecting lives and incidents, out of anyone’s control.” This matches with the theory of universe surfing in the sense of intersecting lives and incidents. However, these intersections take place in a multi-dimensional reality where each universe with an event is matched by a universe without the event. So, there’s a universe in which Daisy did not get hit by the taxi and, instead, continued to dance.

Universe Surfing Hypothesis 1 – The classical universe we experience is equal in reality to the multitude of parallel classical universes that we do not experience.

Under this hypothesis, while Daisy’s dance career is forever affected by the her leg being crushed in the taxi accident, as her life continues, the two different universe timelines appear to merge back together.

Universe Surfing Hypothesis 2 – Unexpected events are more connected to your possible futures than to your possible pasts, and therefore are useful signposts and windows to your possible futures.

Under this hypothesis, when Daisy’s was injured in the accident, this unexpected event showed a window to universes in which she was not a dancer. This opened a window to see futures of building a relationship with Benjamin Button, which would be less likely in the universe where she continued dancing.

Universe Surfing Hypothesis 3 – Related events influence each other and the order in which we experience two events gives us the classical impression that one event caused the other.

I decided to put this hypothesis on the non-directionality of time because of the theme of the movie, with Benjamin Button aging backwards. This felt synchronistic to me since it was one of my roommates who started watching the movie while I was writing this.



20200427M Day 118: Who Is John Galt?

A random car in Santa Cruz, CA with the question “Who is John Galt?” – April 27, 2020

I was walking around the neighborhood and noticed this car with the question “Who is John Galt?”. John Galt is a character in Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged, a book I read in college. The novel is about a dystopian parallel reality in which the United States is experiencing widespread shortages and is falling into economic collapse due to increasing regulations and control of companies. As I surf out of this pandemic wormhole, I sense universes in which our increasing governmental control of business is due to other reasons besides a pandemic. It’s easy to sense these universes by noticing the increasing calls and rallies to reopen America, which is a reaction to these nearby dystopian universes in which everything is controlled by a strong, central government. I think I’ll keep surfing through this wormhole and not get out just yet. The normality I’m seeking is not yet recognizable.



20200424F Day 115: Multiverse Dictionary: “Not” means “Not and Not Not”

Lighthouse Point, Santa Cruz, CA, April 24, 2020

I retweeted the following on Friday:

It reminded me how there is evidence of the blending of different sets of universes around us all of the time. It also reminded me how the use of the word “Not” shows up often when two opposite sets of universes are interfering with one another. Imagine communicating with someone and saying a fact with “Not” in the sentence. At this listening level, someone could not hear the word “Not” and get the completely opposite interpretation of what you said. At an energetic level, the person will hear the sentence both with and without the word “Not”. At a universe surfing level, two opposite sets of universes have only a single difference between them – the use of the word “Not”.

None of this has to do with the sunrise photo attached to this blog post. I got up early to see the sunrise and get my daily dose of UV rays for Vitamin D and immunity boost.

20200423h Day 114: Bubbles in the Air


A man was blowing bubble in the air along West Cliff in Santa Cruz – April 23, 2020

Santa Cruz, CA: I’m writing this on Sunday, but the picture is from last Thursday. The bubbles are similar to how I imagine multiple universes moving in a multidimensional space.

I’m going to look back at some of the tweets I posted.

The following one on synthetic DNA Aptamers had me wondering how close we are to universes in which aptamer arrays are used to detect SARS-CoV-2. Finding a treatment for COVID-19 is a higher priority. I feel universes moving closer in which we have a safe and effective treatment. I also wonder about the selective pressure on the RNA sequence of SARS-CoV-2 caused by stem-loop structures.

Hydroxychloroquine is still in the news as either something that kills you are something that protects you from a bad COVID-19 experience. It is interesting to me how this drug creates a divide between Democrats and Republicans. It makes me question every other argument between these two political parties. I also wonder if services like GoodRx are the future of prescription drugs.

The following is evidence to me of multiple realities. Of course you can come up with lots of other more classical explanations, the simplest one to me is there’s a lot of parallel story lines going on energetically at one time and these often interfere with each other, resulting in apparent reporting errors like this one.

20200420M Day 111: Surfing to a Better World

Santa Cruz, CA: In 20200326h Day 86: 74 days until June 8th, I discussed measurable features of the universe I’m surfing towards. In this post, I’d like to tap focus on more aspirational features.


The first aspiration is for a world in which everyone is mindful of the fact that we, along with all other life, are all sharing this one precious planet. We all are interconnected and decisions that one of us make have the potential to affect all of us. Humans are also connected to the other life forms on this planet, including viruses which I view as living even though they require a host in order to replicate. Without viruses, it is unlikely any other life would exist. We and all other life forms are also dependent on the features of our planet that we often assume will always be there, such as air to breathe, water to drink, and sunshine to provide just the right amount of energy.

As humans on this planet, our own health is affected by the health of everyone else. The weakest link in our health chain determines the strength of our health chain. If one person contacts a deadly infectious disease, and this disease causes an outbreak on one part of the world, then it has the potential to spread to all parts of the world. Pandemics remind us that in order to keep ourselves healthy, we must think globally and focus on keeping everyone in the world healthy.

The debate we have in the United States over universal health care, and whether health care is a human right, is important and both sides need to get very clear on their positions. The tension between these two positions will enable a solution to emerge. I sense a solution with the following characteristics, specifically for the US health system although it could be in other country as well, if not already:

  1. Regulated pricing of all health related services, including prescription drugs. The government would negotiate prices with the health care providers to get fixed range pricing. The price range would be perhaps 20% and health care providers would be required to publish their prices online, including where they are in the negotiated range, and not charge greater or less than their published prices. The price range would be adjusted annually, or as needed, in response to supply and demand.
  2. Prescription drug patents go into a patent pool and drugs covered by patents can be produced by any manufacturer by paying royalties to share among all patent holders in the patent pool.
  3.  Large hospital chains are discouraged by a rising tax on profits of up to 90%. This tax rate would also apply to the salaries above a certain amount, and a value-added-tax on products and services from third-party suppliers.
  4. Small independent and doctor-owned hospitals would be encouraged. Non-profit operation of these hospitals would be highly encouraged.
  5. 80% of health care costs would be covered by the government and health care providers would bill the government directly. 20% of health care costs would be the responsibility of the individual. Individuals would be required to purchase insurance to cover all or part of this 20% in the private market.

Pandemics also remind us that regardless of which country we live in, or which culture we practice, we must trust our fellow world citizens and communicate in a real-time and transparent manner. The economic and military saber rattling that was occurring in the universe pre-coronavirus-pandemic is something that we should leave behind and not take with us to the post-coronavirus-pandemic universe. An independent group of infectious disease experts must be allowed access to any place in the world where an infectious disease outbreak occurs. If a country restricts access, then that country should be immediately quarantined off from the rest of the world.

We need a healthy world population in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and reduce the global cost of health care.

We need to live in harmony with the other life forms on our planet.

We need to also respect and have reverence for the non-living entities on our planet – the air, water, and land.