20200516S Day 137: Fine-Structure Constant

Sunset walk – Santa Cruz, CA – May 16, 2020

20200516S Santa Cruz, CA: In the search for absolute truth about reality and the universe, I find it enlightening to take note of dimensionless values. These are also important from a universe surfing point-of-view because they will be the same in all universes (or at least all universes obeying the same fundamental physics as our universe). Dimensionless constants do not depend on arbitrary measurement standards, such as grams, meters, or seconds.

Some articles that caught my interest for future study are:

  1. Ask Ethan: What Is The Fine Structure Constant And Why Does It Matter?
  2. Four direct measurements of the fine-structure constant 13 billion years ago
  3. Most Accurate Determination of the Fine Structure Constant
  4. Why the number 137 is one of the greatest mysteries in physics
  5. Fine-Structure Constant from Sommerfeld to Feynman
  6. Twin Concept of Fine Structure Constant as the ‘Self Number-Archetype’
  7. 11. Book 3 – Calculation of the exact value of the fine structure constant, alpha
  8. Highly charged ions could measure changes in fine-structure constant
  9. An exact formula for the Electro Magnetic coupling constant


Author: J. Sands Loch

Student and teacher of reality in all its forms. I self-published my personal experience of discovering and trying to understand and use a model of reality based on the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: Surfing the Multiverse: Finding Happiness One Universe at a Time Available on Kindle and from Amazon, and found in blog post form at: SurfingTheUniverse.com

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