20191222u Day -9: Cough Trending Highest in 5 Years

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 4.15.35 PM
REF: Google Search Terms Cough Pneumonia Fever Infection Shortness of Breath over last 5 years
Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 4.21.11 PM
Zoom into last 20 months
Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 4.22.11 PM
Google search terms since first COVID-19 confirmed case on Nov 17, 2019

20200517u Santa Cruz, CA: Looking back to Dec. 22, 2019, I read a research paper today that said “shortness of breath” began increasing in WeChat searches beginning Dec. 22, 2019. So, I was curious how searches on Google have been. Of the Topics I searched, “Infection” seems to be the Google Topic that most represents the COVID-19 pandemic. I did notice that the Topic “Cough” hit a 5 year high on Dec. 22, 2019. The Topics “Pneumonia” and “Infection” jumped a month later on Jan. 20, 2020. While most of the Topics I looked into have now gone back down close to pre-pandemic levels, “Infection” is still a hot Topic.

In other events, on this Dec. 22, 2019, a rally was held in Hong Kong to show support for the Uighur minority in China. How related these masks are to the masks that are coming will only be understood in the future.

Protesters attend a rally in Hong Kong Dec. 22, 2019, to show support for the Uighur minority in China. (Photo: Dale de la Rey/AFP/Getty Images)


Author: J. Sands Loch

Student and teacher of reality in all its forms. I self-published my personal experience of discovering and trying to understand and use a model of reality based on the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: Surfing the Multiverse: Finding Happiness One Universe at a Time Available on Kindle and from Amazon, and found in blog post form at: SurfingTheUniverse.com

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