Page 41 – The Opera Singer

Continue meditating in the back of your mind as I tell you about the opera singer I met last night. He lives on the same floor as my friend who’s place I’m staying at this week in SF. He showed me his place, which was fabulously decorated. He offered me a Manhattan – my drink of choice on the rare occasion when I have a mixed drink and his favorite as well and the only one he has the alcohol to make. I declined and we drank tonic water instead. We talked about his Opera singing days and the high price of real estate in SF – units like his sell for half a million dollars, which is actually not too bad. Twenty-eight years prior when he bought they were selling for $70,000. I may take him up on his Manhattan offer tomorrow.

2015-0831M 0800 @ SF Coach (Eulinda the driver)

Author: J. Sands Loch

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