Page 8 – The moon at the lighthouse

The moon is over my right shoulder behind me as I watch the waves at the lighthouse waiting for the sunrise. The waves coming in are powered in most part by the changing gravitational pull of the moon as it revolves around the earth. We can use Newton’s classical laws of motion to predict where the moon will rise and set at any point on the earth. We can’t predict the height of the ocean, except as an average height based on the tide. We can’t predict when a wave will hit the shore tomorrow.

With waves in the ocean, we can see the water and watch the wave travel through the medium of the water. As we listen to the waves crash and hit the shore, it is obvious that the waves have energy. The energy of the universe is contained in probability wave – the probability of an event happening at any point and time can be predicted, or at least estimated. It is the interaction of these probability waves that shape the universe.

Page 7 – Quantum Universe (or Multiverse)

In contrast to a Classical Universe, where all objects big and small move according to Newton’s laws of motion, our universe is a Quantum Universe full of interacting energy waves.

Surfers spend a lot of time paddling in the ocean or sitting on their board and watching the waves as they come in. If you watch, you can see many different interacting waves – some small and some big – which all effect the movement of the surfer on his board – up and down – and also in all directions.


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Page 6 – Event Exercise

It is time for an exercise. In the original version of this book, the backside of the pages are blank. If you have a reprint, then there should be some room below. Get up from where you’re sitting and go find a pen. Finish this sentence: “I am in possession of this book because __________”.

Sign and date the statement. It is important for you to do this now. Future exercises will depend on you doing so. Don’t worry about writing in this book. It’s OK 🙂


Page 5 – Quantum Experiences

Our mind is capable of quantum experiences.  While classical experiences are those experiences that arise from our interactions with a single classical universe, quantum experiences are when we interact with multiple classical universes, which I will call the quantum universe – or the multiverse. I am not certain now which is the better name. Perhaps the title of this book should be “Surfing the Quantum Universe : …”.  I know now that in some universes, it is.


Page 4 – Classical Experience

I just moved to a cushioned bench seat in the UCSC library.  My butt was hurting from the hard chair I was sitting on. This is an example of me classically experiencing the universe.

Classical experiences involve on of the five senses – touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight.  Everything we know and believe has been learned through classical experiences – or so we believe. We certainly expect our universe to behave in a classical manner.


Page 3

In other universe I misspell it and correct it as if I experienced in this universe.  In still other universes, I misspell it and didn’t correct it.

What I now know is that all of these universes are real – they exist as much as the one I experience (in a classical sense).

What does it mean to “experience” a universe? I just added the parenthetical clarification “(in a classical sense)”, so let’s  discuss that now.


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Page 2

So you turned the page! I knew you would 😉 So here is what gives me confidence in your actions…

I have discovered that there are multiple universes.   I don’t mean that I am the first to discover this.  I mean that from my own experiences, I have concluded that I exists as  a conscious being in multiple interacting universes.  In some of these universe, I correctly spell “conscious” in the last sentence.


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