Page 5 – Quantum Experiences

Our mind is capable of quantum experiences.  While classical experiences are those experiences that arise from our interactions with a single classical universe, quantum experiences are when we interact with multiple classical universes, which I will call the quantum universe – or the multiverse. I am not certain now which is the better name. Perhaps the title of this book should be “Surfing the Quantum Universe : …”.  I know now that in some universes, it is.


Page 4 – Classical Experience

I just moved to a cushioned bench seat in the UCSC library.  My butt was hurting from the hard chair I was sitting on. This is an example of me classically experiencing the universe.

Classical experiences involve on of the five senses – touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight.  Everything we know and believe has been learned through classical experiences – or so we believe. We certainly expect our universe to behave in a classical manner.


Page 3

In other universe I misspell it and correct it as if I experienced in this universe.  In still other universes, I misspell it and didn’t correct it.

What I now know is that all of these universes are real – they exist as much as the one I experience (in a classical sense).

What does it mean to “experience” a universe? I just added the parenthetical clarification “(in a classical sense)”, so let’s  discuss that now.


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So you turned the page! I knew you would 😉 So here is what gives me confidence in your actions…

I have discovered that there are multiple universes.   I don’t mean that I am the first to discover this.  I mean that from my own experiences, I have concluded that I exists as  a conscious being in multiple interacting universes.  In some of these universe, I correctly spell “conscious” in the last sentence.


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Page 1 – Surfing the Multiverse – Increasing your Happiness One Universe at a Time

This is as good a title as any for what you are about to read.  I am 100% certain that you will read this entire book – every word.  I am as certain of this as I am that I in fact finish writing this book.  How can I be so sure?  100%? Turn the page to find out … 🙂

2015-0801Sa Day after Blue Moon @ USCS w/Carmel

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Surfing the Multiverse: Increasing Happiness one Universe at a Time – Chapter 1 

The multiverse, she said, was like an old library whose shelves were packed with books arranged by a cataloging system that ranked them according to similarity, each book containing within its covers a story that varied only slightly from the stories of it’s immediate neighbours, but by increasing degrees from those of increasingly distant books. – Paul J. McAuley, Evening’s Empires

The multiverse …

NASDAQ Composite Index closes above 5,000 for 3rd time in history

The NASDAQ Composite Index (Symbol: COMP) is a broad based, market capitalization-weighted index of domestic and international stocks listed on the NASDAQ stock market.  In simplest terms, it represents the market value of the entire NASDAQ stock market.  It is scaled to a base value of 100.00 on the starting date of the index – February 5, 1971.

The last two times the NASDAQ Composite Index closed above 5,000.00 were on March 9 and 10th of 2000 at the height of the .com boom.  It is now almost exactly 15 years later that the value of the NASDAQ stock market has returned to it’s past value.

Last night I had a dream that the stock market went up a lot today – I remember in my dream that AAPL was up over 10%.  Well, obviously I was just dreaming but it is interesting that today the NASDAQ Composite Index may cross a critical milestone. I see a high probability of it hitting above it’s intraday high of 5132.52 and closing above it’s closing high of 5048.62 on or around March 9, 2015.  This time it will stay and 5,000 will become a barrier on the low side that will not be crossed again for a while.