20200325W Day 85: RV Demolition on Day 10 of 15 Days to Slow The Spread


I spent today with my brother. We met at my RV and took it to get smog tested. It failed, partially due to rats living in the engine and chewing up things they should’t. After repairs, it did pass and is now good for another two years on CA roads. Now, it just needs to be updated to be livable so it can be an emergency quarantine area for one or more people. The goal today was to demolish the bathroom – goal accomplished!

Unfortunately, since N95 masks are now needed across the world to reduce the spread of COVID-19, neither of us wore masks during the demo work. I’m now congested from all the dust, and probably some rat poop as well. A small price to pay to help the people working in ICU have fresh masks.

I just listed to the whitehouse briefing and thought it went well. The US senate passed 96-0 a $2 Trillion bill to assist individuals and companies affected by COVID-19. It feels good to be in a universe where the two main US political parties work together to write bills.

The Esalen catalog just came in the mail. I think it would be difficult to host Esalen courses online. People would need to zoom from their bathtub. Opening the catalog to a random page found Charles Eisenstein, who’s workshop I have attended. His idea of interbeing, in which an entity is created between the interactions of multiple beings, can be used to describe the pandemic we are experiencing today.

Author: J. Sands Loch

Student and teacher of reality in all its forms. I self-published my personal experience of discovering and trying to understand and use a model of reality based on the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: Surfing the Multiverse: Finding Happiness One Universe at a Time Available on Kindle and from Amazon, and found in blog post form at: SurfingTheUniverse.com

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