2020 Day 11: Ukrainian passenger plane was mistakenly shot down

Today there was somewhat of a “collapse of the wave function” regarding the Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed four days ago. Brig-Gen Amir Ali Hajizadeh, Iran Revolutionary Guards’ aerospace commander, read a statement declaring that an individual missile operator had fired a surface-to-air missile which hit the plane. According to the statement, the missile operator had ten seconds to decide on whether to fire and had attempted to get verification but that the communication system failed. The missile operator had heard reports that cruise missiles had been fired toward Iran. From the statement it is possible to see many parallel worlds interfering.

One parallel world is where the missile operator decided to not fire the missile and the Ukrainian plane was not shot down. Another parallel world is where a cruise missile was shot down instead of the plane. In a third, the cruise missile is shot at but not shot down. In a fourth, the communication system works and the missile operator is told to not shoot down the plane. I can imagine many others and I’m sure you can too. It was new information for me to hear that there were reports of cruise missiles being fired toward Iran. I notice this because there have not been any cruise missiles fired and yet there was a report today that a Russian spy ship aggressively approached a US navy destroyer that was capable of firing cruise missiles. The world appears to be near parallel worlds where cruise missiles are being fired, even if no cruise missiles are being fired in ‘this’ world.

Author: J. Sands Loch

Student and teacher of reality in all its forms. I self-published my personal experience of discovering and trying to understand and use a model of reality based on the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: Surfing the Multiverse: Finding Happiness One Universe at a Time Available on Kindle and from Amazon, and found in blog post form at: SurfingTheUniverse.com

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