20200224M Day 55: Alphabet down 4.28% – I guess news travels fast ;)

Yesterday, I blogged that I was 20200223u Day 54: Surfing to a Universe where I work for Alphabet. Today, Alphabet stock is down 4.28% on my surfing move (Ha!).

Of course the financial news didn’t pick up on my surfing move and they blamed the drop of Alphabet on a 125nm diameter coronavirus. I mentioned a risking to stocks 30 days ago in 2020 Day 25: Wuhan Coronavirus in the Year of the Rat:

I’m feeling now a universe where the stock market is negatively affected by the Wuhan coronavirus.

The feeling I remember having then was more negative than the drop in prices today. which was the worst day in two years. I’m currently invested in a superposition of two universes – one where I’m fully invested in the market and one where I’m fully out of the market.

2020 Day 27: SP500 has largest single-day drop since Oct 2, 2019

The S&P 500, Dow, and Nasdaq all fell over 1.5% today. This is in alignment with the feeling I mentioned in 2020 Day 25: Wuhan Coronavirus in the Year of the Rat. However, the feeling I felt seemed to be further in the future. What’s more interesting to me is how I’ve been affected – specifically my desire to remove an old habit of checking the stock market. It seems that as my will power strengthened, the multiverse showed me her power and tested my will power until I eventually succumbed and checked the stock market. I now feel surrounded by lots of universes where I check the stock market multiple times daily. The multiverse amuses me when she shows herself to me in this fashion – humbling my ego that believes that free will alone can get me to where I want to go.

Coronavirus update:

  1. First coronavirus death in Beijing;
  2. 82 deaths and over 2,700 cases confirmed in mainland China;
  3. China reports that people can spread the coronavirus before symptoms, although CDC says no clear evidence that this is the case;
  4. Sri Lanka reports first case of Wuhan coronavirus;
  5. Cambodia reports first case of Wuhan coronavirus;
  6. Canada’s first two cases of Wuhan coronavirus are husband and wife;

2020 Day 16: 3.33 miles in 29:19

Having not run since 2020 Day 10: 3 miles in 27:20, I thought this morning would be a good day to see what running universe I was in. I noticed something interesting as I ran a slightly different route which caused me to run clockwise around a main loop rather than counter clockwise. During the first mile when I was running to the loop, I ran an 8-minute mile. But during the second mile when I was running against the flow that I’ve run every other time, I felt resistance, ran a slower 9 minute mile, and my right leg was starting to talk to me at the end. At 2.5 miles, I didn’t even feel like I could finish all 3 miles and wanted to stop. My pace was about a 10 minute mile at that point. Then I decided to just turn around and run counter clockwise around the loop. Immediately, I felt additional energy. I could feel my alignment with the universe in which I had more strength and more speed. A positive feedback loop started where as I believed more, I felt stronger, which caused me to believe more. As my watch buzzed me to let me know I had run 3 miles, I didn’t want to stop. I wondered when I would begin to loose energy. I thought to myself that I’d run 27:20 and stop to see how much farther I ran that last time. I still felt strong so I gave myself a stretch goal of running 3.25 miles. At 3.25 miles, I still felt strong and I saw the hill coming up that always gets me. As I approached the hill, I saw I was about to hit 3.33 miles, and so I stopped. I felt good about my final time of 29:19. It reminded me that 10+19=29.

In other news, the stock market rose strongly at the beginning of this 16th day of the month. I plan to start paying attention to the first day and 16th day of future months to see if I notice a pattern that matches this study of S&P 500 first day tendencies.

AAPL Stock Prediction for Oct 3, 2019

In NASDAQ Composite Index prediction for March 9, 2019, I was compelled to make a prediction about the stock market. I was feeling a large negative movement between Oct 5 and Oct 19, 2018 or on Nov 9, 2018.  While the NASDAQ did have significant moves down during both of these time periods, I’m wondering now if the feeling of large negative movement was coming from a more personal space based on my actual stock portfolio which is heavily weighted in Apple stock (AAPL).  On Oct 3, 2018, AAPL hit an all time high of $233.47 and today it is down over 20% from that high, opening at $178.37.  Could I surf to a universe where APPL stock is up over 25% from today by Oct 3, 2019?  In that universe, AAPL would be above it’s all time high price of $233.47.  While I can imagine how I could increase my odds of that universe, I do not feel a calling to do so due to the limited influence I believe I have on that event.  So, I’m left with a sense based primarily on wishful thinking that AAPL stock will hit a new all time high before Oct 3, 2019.

NASDAQ Composite Index prediction for March 9, 2019

I’ve been applying the multi-world interpretation of quantum mechanics to my everyday life.  I have used it in making decisions regarding my career, my relationships, and my finances.  My experience this year has been that I have quit my job and still managed to have an increase in my net worth.  Instead of this increase coming from saving the excess from my paycheck, it has come from an increase in stocks I own or have purchased this year. It has also come from me reducing my expenses. Instead of working, I have traveled.

I’m curious about the first blog post I made regarding the NASDAQ Composite Index crossing 5000 for the 3rd time in history.  According to my beliefs, while I didn’t understand then why I was making that post, the future may reveal the importance of the post and it will be clear when looking at time in reverse. I find it interesting, that in that post I made a prediction about the NASDAQ Comp value on Mar 9, 2015 and that on Mar 9, 2018, the NASDAQ Comp closed at a historical high of 7,560.81.  The NASDAQ Comp is now at 7,816.33.

I sometimes wonder if the multi-world interpretation of quantum mechanics can be applied to the financial markets in a rigorous way.  I feel like I do it in a non-rigorous way now, and while I do have success more often than failure, it doesn’t feel like anything I could explain or teach in a scientific way.

I’m feeling a universe where it is possible for me to sense large changes in the financial markets before they happen.  In this universe, I’m sensing a large change in the negative direction occurring either between October 5th and October 19th, on November 9th, or between December 26th and January 19th, 2019.  Based on this, I sense that there is a greater than 50% chance that on March 9, 2019, the NASDAQ Comp will be lower than 7,560, the value it was on March 9, 2018.

I’m more curious about why I feel compelled to make this prediction.  Only the future knows.

NASDAQ Composite Index closes above 5,000 for 3rd time in history

The NASDAQ Composite Index (Symbol: COMP) is a broad based, market capitalization-weighted index of domestic and international stocks listed on the NASDAQ stock market.  In simplest terms, it represents the market value of the entire NASDAQ stock market.  It is scaled to a base value of 100.00 on the starting date of the index – February 5, 1971.

The last two times the NASDAQ Composite Index closed above 5,000.00 were on March 9 and 10th of 2000 at the height of the .com boom.  It is now almost exactly 15 years later that the value of the NASDAQ stock market has returned to it’s past value.

Last night I had a dream that the stock market went up a lot today – I remember in my dream that AAPL was up over 10%.  Well, obviously I was just dreaming but it is interesting that today the NASDAQ Composite Index may cross a critical milestone. I see a high probability of it hitting above it’s intraday high of 5132.52 and closing above it’s closing high of 5048.62 on or around March 9, 2015.  This time it will stay and 5,000 will become a barrier on the low side that will not be crossed again for a while.