Page 19 – Wall of Selfies from the Future

You don’t have just one future – you have many possible futures. Imagine one year from now you take a selfie. There are many different selfies that you can imagine – some with old friends, some with new friends, some in different places, etc. Now imagine yourself in the middle of your living room – actually imagine a large room with white walls.

On the wall in front of you, imagine polaroid pictures – your selfies from the future – taped to the wall. They are all different size – or at least appear to be from your vantage point. You can also see patterns in the collage of photos. Initially as you stare at the wall of photos, it will appear to be unchanging. But then you notice the wall of selfies appears to be breathing – photos are slowly oscillating in both size and position.

2015-0804T 0800 @ Peets Coffee, Scotts Valley

Page 18 – Drummer Girl Demi

So I introduced myself to the girl who played the drums and found out more about her story. She was in town celebrating a family birthday and staying at the hotel across the street. Since she was underage, the bartender said she could stay and listen to the band play but she would need to play in the band.

I asked if I could use her story in this book and she said yes, which was good since I had already written it into the book 😉

I gave Demi and her Mom a brief description of the book and explained that because of these unexpected events, we can see futures where Demi is playing in a band in a bar or elsewhere. I expect to hear her play again.

2015-0803M 23:00 @ Capitola

Page 17 – Drummer Girl

The girl sitting at the table next to me just played drums for one of the songs. The bartender had just introduced her as a drummer, and the band allowed her to play. She knew the bartender because she had been at the bar last night with her family. She plays in a band with her dad. There are already enough unexpected events here that point toward her having a possibility of playing drums with this band in the future and playing in this bar in the future. Those universes and possible futures are there – they exist. Whether she experiences them or not is to be determined by her free will and the laws of our probabilistic universe.

2015-0803M @ Sand Bar, Capitola Beach

Page 16 – Unexpected Events lead to your Future

Here is an assignment for you to demonstrate in a personal way how unexpected events are strongly connected to your possible futures.

Pick something important in your life – it can be anything. Now trace backwards in time to events that lead to the fact of this important thing in your life. For each event, make a mental note of whether the event was expected or unexpected. Continue this until you find a totally unexpected event. You will find one – there is always at least one and often more than one. Analyze the connectedness of these events and look for those unexpected events that you could have used to see into your future.


Page 15 – Events have fixed amount of connectedness

Events have a fixed amount of connectedness that is distributed among past, present, and future possible events.

All events that you experience have connections with other events that you may or may not have experienced in the past and with events that you may or may not experience in the future.

I realize I’m restating this point but it is important and has a corollary:

Unexpected events should be paid attention to – they are predictors of your possible future.


Page 14 – Events are Connected

I’m listening to a band at the Sand Bar in Capitola. I heard them playing as I was walking back to my car. My car is parked ten yards away. I parked there because it was the first open spot I found – most spots were filled. I came down to Capitola Beach because my two roommates were home talking and I wanted to go somewhere I could write. Normally, only one roommate would be there, but due to an unexpected illness of a friend, both were there.

All of these events are connected. It should seem obvious to you that events are connected. Now I’ll tell you something that is less obvious …

2015-0803M @ Sand Bar, Capitola Beach

Page 13 – Predicting the Future

I just noticed that I dated the last four pages I wrote this morning incorrectly – ten days in the future. I also noticed that I’m writing single-spaced again. I can feel the influence of other universes. It was a bit unusual that I woke up early and went to the lighthouse to write. My usual would be not to and instead to wait perhaps ten more days before writing again. The fact that I did get up and write and the fact that I did misdate the pages are unexpected events that can tell me about my possible futures. More on this later, but I wanted to briefly mention it now. Here is a characteristic of the universe I have found to be true:

Events are connected to the possible pasts and to the possible futures. The more connected with the pasts, the less connected with the futures, and vice versa!

2015-0803M Capitola Beach @ Sunset

Page 12 -Event Interference

You can feel event interference when you have some future event that you have planned. There are universes where you go to or experience the event and those universes where you don’t. As the time for the event approaches, you can feel the probability that you will go to or experience the event change. One moment you will feel like it and another you won’t. When there are roughly equal number of universes where the event happens and where it doesn’t, the feeling of “will I go” vs. “will I not go” will alternate often.


Page 11 – Wave Interference

Throw two rocks into a pond and watch the ripples as they meet.  You will see an interference pattern.  This is a property of waves. For now, I just want you to be aware of this interference and to imagine how it may occur with event probability waves. We are constantly “moving” among and in the parallel universes that are “nearby” the one we are experiencing at any moment. Nearby universes with different events will result in event interference.


Page 11.jpg

Page 10 – Parallel Universes and Event Probabilities

I think of my single-spaced vs. double-spaced writing in terms of parallel universes. There are universes in which I write a particular page of this single-spaced and universes where I write that page double-spaced.  If you had asked me two days ago about this, I would not have considered the possibility that this book would be written single-spaced.  My intention and expectations were that each page would be written double-spaced.